An outline of the methodology, and the expected results and impacts

Six organizations from five European countries joined forces to produce an educational e-learning platform containing training topics/modules of interest for parents with children with ID.

At the beginning, partners with the active engagement of family members of PWID identified the key topics to be addressed.

A Needs Assessment study has been carried out in to ensure that the content of the modules meet parents’ needs and interest and to inform the axes for the development of platform resources, by providing training requirements. The study consists of a literature review and a pilot study –to investigate the parents’ real training needs and interests through the use of a questionnaire.

At the same time a Training activity was organized where professionals from all partners obtained the necessary knowledge –theoretical and technical, and skills that enables them to produce appropriate digital resources for the ELPIDA e-learning modules.

Based on the results of the Needs Assessment study and the knowledge gained through the training activity, five of the ELPIDA partners produced modules in the area of their expertise, and the sixth –FORTH, was responsible for the development of the e-platform. All modules were translated in English, Danish, German, Greek, Norwegian and Portuguese.

In order to be able to assess the effectiveness and impact of the teaching content and methods as demonstrated through the e-learning platform, questionnaires were created that users/parents completed online before and after undertaking the modules.

All project results were presented in the ELPIDA Multiplier event that took place in March 2019 in Brussels.