First project outcomes: results of the needs analysis report

parent of child with disability

In order to determine the needs for developing learning material for distance learning for parents of people with intellectual disability (PWID), a pilot study was designed and carried out. The study aimed to assess the need and interest of parents on issues concerning people with intellectual disability. More specifically, the study focused on issues around communication, stress management, transition to adulthood, Human Rights, sexuality/personal relationships and ageing.

The study had two parts:

  1. A literature review looking at the national context of the partner countries as well as the European context 
  2. The completion of over 150 questionnaires by parents of PWID across Europe.

The findings show that parents of PWID are interested in participating in e-learning and that there is a clear need for this kind of opportunity. Moreover, parents would like to gain more information/training on these issues and receive more in-depth information and practical advice on these topics. The results of this study will be taken into consideration and will inform the content of the e-learning modules.

The detailed report of this study and its findings can be found here