IO1: Two Research Studies

ELPIDA’s first Intellectual Output consists of:

Needs Assessment Study (IO1 Part A): The study aimed to assess the needs and interest of parents on issues concerning PWID. Its purpose is to inform the content of the modules (by investigating which specific aspects of the selected topics parents of PWID are more interested in) and thus define training requirements.

The findings show that parents of PWID are interested in participating in e-learning and that there is a clear need for this kind of opportunity.

Download the "Needs Assessment Study" (pdf ~3MB)

Evaluation research (IO1 Part B): Based on the Needs Assessment Study, a free-to-use e-learning platform was developed. The platform comprised of six stand-alone interactive educational modules providing more training, awareness raising and/or attitude change on the key areas of Human Rights, Communication, Stress Management, Transition to Adulthood, Sexual Health and Ageing.

Several actions were taken in order to evaluate the usefulness of the ELPIDA e-learning platform, including registered users activity, questionnaires, focus groups and collecting feedback from parents and professionals who had used the platform. The results suggest that the training material available on the e-learning platform is useful not only to parents/carers but also for professionals and that, it is presented in an interesting and engaging way.

Download the Evaluation Report (pdf ~1.7MB)